Using a Hobby As An Investment Strategy With Antique Coins and Paper Currency


If you want to get into a hobby you have a lot of choices. Some people might consider some types of sports to be hobbies but for our purposes they reside in a different category. We’re more interested in a staid type of occupation than the sweaty exertion or strategy involved in many sports. But if you are going to choose a hobby it seems to make sense to pick something that can add some additional value to your life besides pure amusement. Interestingly enough there are certain hobbies that can actually enhance your financial situation as well as providing enjoyment and relaxation.

Using collectibles as a hobby and an investment probably isn’t for everyone. If you have an analytical mind it could be a good method for you but keep in mind that it will require some research and a bit more thoroughness than if you simply purchased collectible coins and silver certificates that appealed to you based on aesthetics or rarity. Visit on¬†for more information.

Types of Antique Household Appliances That You Can Collect

If you’re an avid collector of antiques, then odds are pretty good that you’ve discovered the world of antique household appliances and all of the possibilities there are for adding great looking antiques to your collection. Some of the most popular items that many collectors include in their list of things to find include antique coffee grinders, pots and pans, cast iron cookware, utensils, and more.

Antique coffee grinders are one of the more popular items that are collected by many individuals because of the aesthetic value that they can provide to just about any room in the house. They seem to give a warm glow that makes you feel welcome and they make the perfect decoration in just about any type of kitchen or dining room that has a more rustic or old fashioned feel and/or theme.

Pots and pans, or even better, sets of pots and pans, also make great collector items and can provide the perfect look and feel to an old farmhouse kitchen or even a newly designed country style kitchen in a newer modern home. Antique pots and pans can usually be found in different types of materials, but a most commonly found to made of tin material which is a great looking metal that really gives off the antique look and feel.

Cast iron cookware is also very popular among collectors throughout the world and is highly sought after for the purposes of decoration and cooking. Cast iron works great for cooking items that require high heat that can be distributed throughout the entire surface.

Other popular items that make great collector items include antique utensils, clocks, wood working tools, and much more. All of these items can really add a lot of great character to a collection and are sought after by many collectors around the world.

If you’re looking to start an antique collection of your own, then perhaps this list has given you a starting point for some of the items that you may want to consider collecting.

5 Tips for Collecting Antique Guns

Antique guns are fun to shop for and collect, but how do you know that the purchases you

make for your collection are legitimate? You don’t want to waste money on a gun that is not an actual antique and you don’t want to pay more than the item is worth. Here are some tips to help you out:

Know Your Stuff

If you are going to start collecting anything that is antique you have to do your research and know about the historical timeframes that are important in the antiquing world. For instance, antique guns are typically considered to be those made prior to the 20th century. Anything made after that is too recent to be considered a true antique at this time.

Start by delving into the general history of guns and you will then find particular eras of time that catch your interest. Most collectors begin their antique gun collection because they are interested in the historical relevance of the guns they collect. This is likely your motivation as well, so study up on the history so you know what the guns you come to look at are all about.

This research will also help you determine whether particular guns are legitimate antiques or not.

Take a Peek

Prior to purchasing any antique guns try to visit museums or other locations where you can look at actual antique guns from different periods of time. Start studying up on trademarks and other features that help identify unique guns from different time periods. This will again help you determine when you are looking at an antique gun and when you are looking at something that is more recent but in poor condition.

Remember, being old in appearance does not make a gun an antique!

Watch Online Auctions

It can be fun to go to live auctions when you know that there will be antique guns on the market, if you are lucky enough to find a local auction or one within travelling distance. If not, you can also get some good deals if you watch for online auctions that include antique guns. There are even websites that list auction items on a daily basis so you can constantly be on the watch for those that would be great additions to your collection. Just be aware that you are unable to see the guns before bidding in these cases, so be extra careful.

Don’t Go to War

Bidding wars are common when it comes to antique guns for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a collector will really need a specific gun to complete a collection and will be willing to bid the price up far beyond what it may actually be worth. At other times beginner collectors may think the gun is worth a lot more than it actually is.

Don’t fall into a bidding war assuming that something is of value because others are in a heated war over it. Know your stuff and keep to the guns that really interest you. This will help you make sound purchases that you do not regret later on.

Know Your Budget

When shopping for any type of antique you have to know what you are willing and able to pay for the item at hand. Always know what your budget is and ensure that you are not enticed to go over. Knowing the value of the antique guns you are interested in will help you stay within your limits.